Unwanted water can create thousands and thousands of dollars of damage to your home! Water destroys foundations, can create mold and mildew, and often results in the loss of immense amounts of personal property. We can address your water issues with the installation of drain tile, a handy piping system that collects water around your foundation and moves it away from your house. With drain tile, your basement or crawlspace remain free of water. Call us for a same-day drain tile estimate!

Water Mains

Do you have a problem with your water line? If you’ve noticed water in your crawl space or basement or have experienced a sudden decrease in water pressure, you may have an issue with your water main – the pipe that brings water from the city system into your home. If your water main has sustained damage or is perhaps old and worn, you may have leaks that affect water pressure or cause flooding. No problem! Using our keen eyes and modern technology, we can quickly diagnose water main problems in your North Vancouver home and fix them pronto!

Sewer Pipes

Damaged or clogged sewer lines can cause multiple problems in your North Shore residence. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your toilets aren’t flushing properly or that your sinks are backed up. Those and other similar problems may be caused by an issue with your sewer line. At Groundhog Excavating, we use state-of-the-art video equipment to locate these difficult-to-see sewer pipe problems, including clogs and breaks, and offer quick repairs that will have your system working again in no time.

Driveway & Trench Drains

What do you keep in your garage or carport? Chances are it’s more than just your vehicle, which means that if you have a drainage problem, the potential for loss of property is huge! If your driveway slopes towards your garage, you may be experiencing issues with flooding or standing water. If so, consider the installation of a driveway drain or trench in front of your garage or carport. It’s a low-coast option for keeping water out of places where it will cause damage to property as well as create mold and mildew.

Foundation Leaks

Have you experienced a cracked foundation? If so, it’s likely you’ve dealt with a basement full of water and other problems that arise as a result of a glitch with your foundation. A cracked foundation can cost thousands to fix as well! But there are options available to protect your home and your wallet. At Groundhog Excavating, we can find the crack, provide options for fixing it, and then offer you foundation waterproofing options, which can keep the same thing from happening again.

Pipe & Sump Cleaning

All sorts of debris can clog your drain tile. Wind and seasonal precipitation can bring leaves, twigs, trash, and other unwanted waste into your pipes, interrupting the flow of water. That’s when it’s time to call Groundhog Excavating! The drain tile and sump pump experts at Groundhog will clean and maintain your pipe or sump with the help of Hydrovac, an innovative machine that uses a two-step process to loosen all sorts of debris and then flush away clogs so that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Camera Investigation

Water and drainage issues are serious, so finding the problem quickly is key. Sometimes, it’s impossible to see that problem with just our eyes. So, for the ultimate in quick detection of drainage-related clogs, cracks, or breaks, we call on our high-definition video camera system, which can make a prompt diagnosis and help us assess options for solving it. With 200 feet of a flexible cable that can reach those hard-to-see places, we can speed the process and quickly make the right recommendations for repair or replacement.

Sump Pumps

At North Vancouver Drain Tile (a division of Groundhog Excavating Ltd.), we know the ins and outs of sump pump systems and can assist you in choosing from a variety of pumps that will help draw water and waste from low-lying perimeter drains or sewer lines to discharge lines that connect with your North Vancouver city sewer system. Our company sells a huge variety of sump pumps for homes and businesses of all sizes, offered at prices that are far more affordable than those sold by many of our competitors.


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